Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2020

It is every blogger’s dream or vision to earn income from his or her blogging. Writing content is never easy and also finding audience to drive more and more traffic is not easy.

It requires 3000 views before your earnings by Google Adsense will be approved.
So many bloggers find it difficult to monetize their blogs and even the newbies in blog just want to earn income right from the beginning. It takes hardworking and also getting more traffic for your blog to be monetized by Google AdSense which is one of the most powerful Affiliate Program.

But you can also join other affiliate programs that they will advertise on your blog.
Blog and website are best Niche for advertising or promoting products from Amazon, Jumia, Adsense and many more affiliate programs.
Amazon also demands one’s blog to reach 3000+ views before they can start selling people products there and is also the same as Jumia.

But we have Adcash, Adsterra and SFI, for beginners, this site advertise about their own programs where if you are able to lead people to click on their banner from your blogs, you will get CPA, EPA, CPM and CPC.
Earn per click, earnings that your earn as people view their website.
You will be given banners and HTML codes that you can insert into your blog for advertisement.

If you want to know more about them, visit and learn more about them and how they will get you paid.
We also have top ten Affiliate Programs for Craft Bloggers.

  • 1.     Circuit Affiliate Program
  • 2.     Scrapbook.com Affiliate program
  • 3.     Joann Affiliate Program
  • 4.     Fabric.com Affiliate Program
  • 5.     Hobby Lobby Affiliate program
  • 6.     Annie’s Affiliate program   
You have to register and you will be asked to submit your blog url and few questions about your blog.

You blog will be added as a property.
Most Affiliate programs ask you to add a code under the head tag of your blog code script and verify for you to be approved. These Affiliate programs include Adsterra, Adcash and Popunder. 

1.     Click on theme from your blogger dashboard
2.     Click on edit HTML
3.     Press on ctrl+F to allow the search bar so that you will search for the head tag. <head>
4.     Past the link that you will be given by the Affiliate Marketers
5.     Click on save
6.      Go back to the Affiliate Marketing site and click on verify.
Your blog will be on pending for some business days

Most of the affiliate programs ask you to past their code into your blog to get their banner for patronizing about their products, so you just have to past the link into any part of your blog.

1. Click on Layout from your blogger dashboard and right from there your layout will appear.
2. Click on Add Gadget

3. Click on HTML/JavaScript to add/embed code you will be given so that ads will start appearing on your blog.
But note to choose the right banner size for every side you will past the link for the banner to appear.