How to Use Etsy Promoted Listings to Grow Your Store in 2020

Promoted Listings is an advertising program on Etsy that gives you an opportunity to showcase yourzproducts in a designated place on search results.

How do Etsy Promoted Listing work?

Etsy Promoted Listings use an auction system when you can specify how much you’re willing to pay (per click) for a better ad placement.

Since you’ll be competing with other sellers, you should know the four main factors that affect your listing’s performance at an auction:

  • Your bid—the highest amount you’re willing to pay for one click on a particular listing
  • Listing quality—how likely shoppers are to click on your listing when it appears on search results
  • Relevance—how closely your listing’s title or tags match the shopper’s search terms
  • Timing—like the time of day, product seasonality, etc.

How to set up Promoted Listing on Etsy?

In my opinion, every product you sell on Etsy should have Promoted Listings enabled. 

Think about it, if you make your listings eligible to be advertised and your ad isn’t shown—you won’t be billed. And if keywords associated with your listings have low competition, you will receive a paid ad placement at a low cost.

How to set up Etsy Promoted Listings:

1. Log into your Etsy account and click Shop Manager

2. Within Shop Manager, click Marketing followed by Promoted Listings and Start advertising on Etsy.

3. To get started, you will have to set your daily budget for all of your Promoted Listings campaigns. This should be the maximum amount you’re willing to spend per day to advertise your products.

How much to spend on Etsy Promoted Listings? The minimum daily budget is $1.00. I recommend setting a high budget and experimenting with low CPC bids. 

4. Configure the settings by clicking Manage in the Ad Performance section.

5. In a new window, click Advanced settings to finish the campaign setup. Enable all of the following:

  • Advertise new listings automatically. I recommend advertising new listings automatically with max CPC set up to ensure that spending doesn’t get out of hand. 
  • Show bidding options. Always enable this. Trusting Etsy’s algorithm to determine your bids is a bad idea that can waste your ad dollars. 
  • Set maximum cost per click. Decide on your maximum CPC based on the overall profitability of your campaigns and what you can afford to spend. Don’t forget to test different bids!
Notice : In addition to setting your max CPC bid across all listings, you’re also able to set custom bids on a per-listing basis under the Bid column of the Ad stats and settings section.

6. Finally, to enable Promoted Listings on your existing listings, scroll down to the Ad stats and settings section in your dashboard.