Shopify Instagram Advertising 2020: Tips For Increasing Your Sales in Instagram Market

Social media is a real gold mine, but you have to know which one to use! “Marketers” abound on Facebook, and it is more difficult than ever to stand out. Meanwhile, more and more online stores are turning to Instagram to sell their products, and this social media is not yet saturated. It’s your chance to try Instagram marketing for Shopify.

For your business to be credible on Instagram, it must have a professional profile. There is a ”  Switch to a professional account” section in the application settings, and it’s super simple! Once this is done, all profile visitors will see relevant information about your business, such as type of business, hours of operation, physical address, and telephone number. 

A professional profile is also a must to follow the performance of your account. Access many statistics in real-time on your Stories, on your promoted publications (advertising), and on how your subscribers interact with your page. A professional Instagram profile also unlocks advanced features for e-commerce, keep reading to find out what it is!

Configure Instagram Shopping

Adding Instagram Shopping functionality to your account allows your business to have a showcase to display its products. Specifically, it allows you to add tags to posts or stories on your page. The product identified by a tag reveals this information to subscribers who press it:

  • A picture of the product.
  • A description of the product.
  • The price of the product.
  • A link to the page of your website where you can buy the product.
  • Here are the steps to install Instagram Shopping :
  • Get your professional profile approved by Instagram.
  • Define a catalog of all your products on Facebook (Instagram uses this same catalog).
  • Wait until your work account is verified by Instagram, and the addition of the Shopping functionality is approved.
  • Activate the Shopping features from your account settings.

When you start using Shopping on your Instagram page, you will certainly do a lot of tests. To guide you, here are some tips to take full advantage of the e-commerce functionality:

Identifying the products that are in your images or in your videos (using Shopping tags and hashtags) increases the chances of having your publications highlighted in the “Shop” section of the “Explore” tab on Instagram.

Identifying more than one product in a photo (when applicable) increases the engagement rate, and therefore the visibility of this publication.

Identifying clear and meaningful product names (rather than a series of numbers) encourages more clicks.

Promote your Instagram page on other platforms (Newsletter, Facebook, your website, etc.). Attracting visitors from multiple sources increases the chances that they will buy your products.