Step-by Step instructions: How to SEO optimze your Shopify store.


shopify seo tipsBest 6 Shopify SEO Tips 

I am sharing some useful tips that could be helpful for you all. Using these steps you can increase conversion rate of your Shopify's eCommerce store within a month by doing proper SEO. 

In order to gain free traffic from Google - eShop owners should follow the following instructions to be succesful with SEO in this year and beyond that. As you may know - Shopify is stronger than ever! 

 #1. Speed up your eCommerce store. If your website load time more than 5-6 seconds try to decrease to a 2-3 second loading time by eliminating unnecessary apps and by reducing image, HTML, Javascript, CSS file sizes. This helps ensure a faster loading web page and improved user experience (UX). Use this FREE tool: https://testmysite.withgoogle.com/intl/en-gb 

 #2. Fix duplicate Meta data such as meta descriptions, title tags, short meta as you can see in Google Search Console. The new G.S.C. previously known as Webmasters Tools one of the best FREE SEO tool provided by Google. 

google analytics

 #3. Google analytics: add Google analytics tracking code to your Shopify store and track performance, organic and paid traffic, referral traffic, conversions, website issues, visitor's behavior. 

 #4. Fix inner linking. Need to fix in order to reduce Bounce Rate and improve CTR ! Use main and long-tails keywords in content, blog posts. 

 #5. Fixe up navigation. If you want to increase sales create a page for example to ' Specific Collections ' based on what people want thus conversion rate will increase right away ! 

 #6. As you know info tells, story sells. Put together a story with content about your background of WHY the site exists and people will start engaging with your items immediatelly. 

The SEO magic happens when a Shopify store is properly optimized for search engines and you merge what your customer wants !