What happens when you get suspended by Amazon?

There are four unique types of Amazon seller account interruptions, and it’s important that you understand the difference between them. We’ve ordered them by severity – from low to high.

ASIN Suppression

In addition to having your account suspended, you can also have your ability to sell an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) suppressed.

If an ASIN is suppressed, it’s still in Amazon’s database. But you, personally, cannot sell it — even if it’s your product! However, similar to Amazon account suspensions, you can appeal to have your ASIN reopened.

To learn how to lift an ASIN suppression see ‘Plan of Action’ (POA) below. 


The first step Amazon takes when removing a seller’s privileges from its platform is to suspend the seller’s account. This may seem like bad news, but being suspended actually means that you have a chance to contest the suspension. 

And, if you’re lucky, Amazon will have revealed the reasons for the suspension in their notification, along with time frame to appeal — typically seven days. 

Usually, when this happens, it means responding to Amazon’s concerns by writing a Plan of Action letter detailing how you will address their issues with your account.

Again, we cover how to write a Plan of Action letter later in this article.


After you’ve submitted a Plan of Action to Amazon, your POA may get denied. A denied status isn’t the end of the world though. You can rewrite and resubmit it to make your case. 

Also, there is no set limit to the number of times that appeals can be resubmitted. 

I’ve seen claims on seller forums that say some sellers have submitted multiple appeal letters until they finally gave the POA Amazon was looking for.


Finally, the worst-case-scenario for a suspended Amazon seller is a complete ban.

Once banned from the platform, Amazon will no longer read your emails or accept your Plans of Action. In other words, you’re done. 

It may be possible to start another account, but Amazon is pretty good about “sniffing out” dummy accounts, so a ban usually (and effectively) ends your career as an Amazon seller.

Important: Take a moment to reflect before you act 

Regardless of which interrupted account status you’re given, make sure you take a moment to pause and reflect on your circumstances. Sometimes our first instinct is to reply right away in protest, but that can (and often does) backfire. Instead, follow the steps detailed below.