What is Google Adsense - Adsense first look

Adsense is a Google service that allows site publishers to monetize by showing related ads on their site.

One of the simplest ways to monetize the Internet is to place ads on the website you own.Google's Adsense is a service that allows you to generate revenue by showing ads on websites.

After creating a new Adsense account, users notify Google of the website, and when approval comes from Google, it opens the way for that site to make money with Adsense.

If you've successfully registered with Google Adsense and then obtained site approval, you should create a new ad from your Adsense account or activate the automatic ad option.

When you create a new ad unit, you'll need to paste the given code into the areas where you want to show ads on your site.

But if you choose the automatic ad option that Google offers users, simply add a single ad code to your site. Google will automatically show ads and optimize ads in certain parts of your site.

How much do I make with Google Adsense?

With Google Adsense, it's not as simple as you think to generate serious revenues. First of all, you need a website that receives quite a lot of visitors. Also, if you have a website with Turkish content, the amount Google will pay you per click is quite low.

Because the amount Google pays you per click is determined by the advertiser. In our country, the number of advertisers who set a high fee per click is less.

Therefore, it is better to turn to more English-language websites. However, you may need to spend a lot of time on this job.

In short, how much you earn from Google is all about the cost-per-click (CPC) set by advertisers. For example, you can earn 75 pounds for 50 clicks a day. However, there will be days when you will earn 10 pounds for 50 clicks.

Before we get to the end of our content, we share daily click-and-win statistics of a website below. From here, you can get an idea in your head.