Amazon SEO Guide 2020

The Amazon Website was a site that didn't have a charm in the early 2000s, well for search engines, but people didn't find it attractive to travel. The priority of the change was to proportion to the smile in the logo, to turn the finder and the finder into a receiver. Hardcore keyword research is the best way to make the availability.

By order, you should use every word that may be related to the website, and avoid the lack of numbers. Innumbered words are associated with losing potential customers. While it is interesting and persuasive to the person who needs to be done for the website, it is necessary to steer robots correctly.

SEO by Amazon

Did you know that in the modern world, which evolves into one-click shopping, sellers need an algorithmic SEO approach within Amazon, the ideal address for sellers to open their products to the global market and meet with a large audience, and you need to optimize the original search engine for the success of Amazon Marketing?

What is Amazon SEO and How to Do It?

The Turkish source about Amazon SEO is almost non-existe, and these sources claim to be the first to google products on your Amazon network, or describe Amazon SEO as first on Google with your product here; Wrong! Amazon SEO is in-store search engine optimization within Amazon to extract your products on the first pages and first places. So, we're talking about the product search section that's available to the user on the Amazon website. As for our question of how to do Amazon SEO; it is made according to its own dynamics and algorithmwithin this platform. Furthermore, sub-breakdowns in strategies will vary depending on the dynamics of the region or country you are targeting. In addition, statistics show that 90% of customers have reached the products they are looking for by clicking on the product category pages. Therefore, SEO work for Amazon is crucial to increasing our sales and achieving the success we desire.

4 Tricks in Amazon SEO Success

1- Title

  • In the early 2010s, titles were shortened on the Amazon Website. Clearer and targeted titles were preferred.
  • Titles are the most important - you must start with the main keyword.
  • A word should not be used more than once in the title.
  • The title should not exceed the maximum number of characters exceeding 200, but it should not be too short.
  • The brand name must be added to the end of the title.
  • 3 words - keywords, which are likely to be searched , must pass in the title.
  • The most important features that make the product preferable - attractive should be emphasized in the title; Example: "Waterproof" "Unbreakable" "Stain Does Not Hold"
  • If the number or style is important, they are entered; Example: "Red, with 6 Color Options",

A few of the important elements are:

  • Google Adwords Keywords Planner for these - Google Keyword Planner provides free service for you. You can also use Keyword Tool IO, Merchant Words, Sonar Tool, and Sellic; However, you can reach the keywords, but to see the volumeof search, you need to use paid versions of these tools. Here, Merchant Words stands out for its economic presence, the ability to obtain data based on the country you sell. When you receive by country, you don't have to pay a high price for global data you don't need.
  • Make sure to use the brand name in the title. If anyone wants the brand, you can catch them.
  • In order to create customer loyalty, it is necessary to create customer awareness. For this reason, brand awareness is important at this point.
  • We'll use it between breaks, slash, the cut lines won't matter.
  • The product, which will be searched in 3 keywords, should be highlighted by striking mottos related to the product. (Value Prop) It will be useful to specify them if sold as a set or team.
  • Avoid cliché words should be in accordance with grammar and spelling rules.
  • Amazon provides a guide for you at this point.

2- Price 

At this point, the idea of selling a product that is 200 pounds in the market for 75 liras may be attractive, but 10 pounds raises doubts; particular attention should be paid to this. You need to review your competitors well on the price axis and update your price policy accordingly. Otherwise, you will fail to compete with the price, which is the most important parameter for the consumer.

The use of a promotional or coupon will also benefit to attract attention to attracting customers.

3- Photo 

Amazon only allows you to put 7 photos on the photo.

Choose 1 main photo.
Your product must fill 85% of the frame.
Remove detail features from the white background to make it more clear. Remember, since your customer is not there at the time, you need to use effective and live photos. There must be photos that make you feel like using the product about real life, and some photos may include technical details or happy customer comments in the picture frame.
Let's not forget that the main thing selling the product is the benefit and happiness that people will bring to life.
Depending on the product's sales course, if you think the possible negative situation in the sale is due to the photo, you can optimize the photo by changing photos/photos - a Test A/B.

4- Search Terms

The title can be mottos and every word in the description.

Other than that, it is useful to put every word that may be relevant, but the name of the opponent should be avoided. Using competitor names will cause you to be punished and your rankings fall sharply. It will take a long time to recover this situation.

Abbreviations, moniker terms are very important should be used.

How Do We Get Search Terms?

a) When you start typing in the Amazon search bar, the search suggestions that come out automatically below,

b) The first 10 resulting results from searching with keyword, keywords used by competitors in their title,

c) Keywords (Custemer Search Terms) that customers search for in Amazon Advertising Reports); if you are using Automatic or manual Amazon PPC Ads; this method is for a little more professionals, not for beginners from scratch.

d) Collect all the keyword results from keywordtools.io merhantwords.com sellics.com sonar-tool.com too in a pool, eliminate the repeated ones; so you can have a comprehensive list of keywords.

e) We upload this keyword list to the Frankenstein Tool on the helium10.com site and give the "Process" command. The couple sifts the words and gives us a simplified list. We're registering this list by adding it to Search Terms by downloading it to 250 bytes; That's it.

f) If your product (men, women, children) from Target Audience appeals to you, you should choose from it.