Four factors of transformation in digital marketing: Creatives and Mobile Web Experience

We continue the second series of articles, which will examine four factors of digital marketing transformation in detail, with Two of the most important components of marketing campaigns, The Creatives and Mobile Web Experience.

In order to provide the best possible customer experience to your customers and potential customers, you can first try to accurately identify your audience, then draw your audience's attention with the right messages, and finally maximize your audience's experience

In order to achieve your digital marketing goals, how can you organize your ads in the most appropriate way and reach your customers and potential customers with these ads?

1.New advertising technologies

You can use new ad technologies based on machine learning and automation for all your different ad formats so that your marketing messages can be transferred to your audience in a good and efficient way.

For example, by using Responsive Search Ads for the Search platform, you can show your customers more text and more relevant messages to improve your ad performance. With Responsive Display Ads on the Display Network platform, you can optimize your ads and expand your customer base and win new conversions with Smart Display Campaigns.

2.Integrated approach with personalized and customized messages

You can try to provide personalized and customized messages that best suit different audiences in a data-driven and dynamic format. In doing so, trying to organize your approach on different platforms based on the characteristics of that platform can further improve your ad performance. For example, on the video platform, you can turn your ads into a storytelling with ad models named Video Ad Sorting and Director Mix, giving different audiences different text, visual, audio, and video content and different messages. On the search platform, you can show different messages to different audiences with IF functions in a single ad in the same campaign.

Get a consistent and integrated ad strategy for all your different ad channels.

Just applying the same ad strategy to traditional channels to digital channels may not give you the success you want. You can create your ad content strategy, taking care that messages from different channels are consistent and integrated with each other, and on all digital channels, taking into account the characteristics of that channel. For example, the message you'll deliver with 6-second Bumper ads might be very different from the message you'll deliver with a 25-second video ad.

3. Measurement and test

To track your ad performance and customize your ads, you can evaluate the different data and insights you'll get from the measurement solutions. For example, by measuring the effect of different ones in your YouTube ads with the Brand Lift feature, you can see which ad brings more interaction. In addition, with The Ad Variations feature, you can try different text by applying a Test A/B in ads on the Search platform. You can use this data-driven approach based on measurement and experimentation in your ad work across all platforms.

4.Stand out with next-generation technologies on mobile

When it comes to usability for mobile websites, two key components come to mind. The first is a good user experience that allows users to do what they want to do on your site easily and seamlessly. According to a Google survey last year, users complain about the complexity of browsing on mobile websites and/or the length of the steps to finalize the transaction. The continuous improvement of the experience offered should be followed by a special team and developmental ideas should be tested on users with A/B tests and activated if they give positive results.

You can use Win on Mobile training for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which we can refer to as a process of evaluating a site for the user experience and improving the experience. Successful applications for user experience tailored to the Retail, Travel and Finance sectors can also be guiding.