How Search Engines Work : What Is Ranking on Google?

For the average user, this doesn't seem unusual. But for many businesses, it may take a lot of money to be right in front of their customers every time they pay attention to a related product or service. And it may require a loop of fixes. At this point, search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. Let's talk about it.

What is SEO in short?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Search Engine Optimization in Turkish is a multi-optimization process that needs to be made to ensure visibility for a keyword or keyword group on a website's organic search engine result pages. The higher the location of a webpage on the organic search results pages, the more "visible" the page becomes.

So how do search engines work?

Algorithms... Search engines use algorithms to calculate how valuable a page is to a relevant search query. The hundreds of factors used to calculate the authority of a webpage (Google uses more than 200 sortfactors) are one of them.

Bots and scan... Search engines use bots or "spiders" to browse billions of pages on the web by tracking links they find from billions of pages on the web.

Indexing... Search engines such as Google and Yandex then store the information they collect in their directory.

And the ranking... When a search query is entered, a search engine searches for the user's directory for pages that match the search query, and then sorts and displays the most relevant results to the user.

The order in which pages are displayed is calculated by search engine algorithms, taking into account hundreds of sort factors. Each page is then given a sort score. To rank top in search engines, your site must score higher than any other site eligible to show for a relevant search query.

However, if you deal with illegal methods and try to deceive search engines, be prepared to burn yourself. Google is very strict on sites that are trying to change their rankings illegally (by finding Google vulnerabilities), and if you catch it, your site will be punished and you will no longer appear on Google as a result of the punishment called "Google Slap."