What is Featured Snippets? How to Featured Snippets ?

Featured snippets are snippets, which stand out in Turkish by the phrase snippets. It's an excellent Google feature that is wanted by professional bloggers.

Featured snippets are a snippet feature offered by Google. The word snippet is passed as a particle in terms of meaning. A programming term for a small region of text.

Many blog owners, including Me, can top the ranking thanks to google's featured snippets feature. Look, this feature is really important to be thrown at. Imagine months of working to keep your article at the top of Google.

But someone comes in and settles down to zero with featured snippets. Even if you're in 1st place, your opponent will always be on you.

Because he has gained the feature of featured snippets.

What is Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets is the zero point you encounter when you search Google, as you can see below.

With featured snippets, many more visitors visit your blog site. As a result, this app is very useful and is quite profitable when you consider the money and time you spend to get to 1st place.

How to Featured Snippets ?

There is no definitive finding described by Google to win featured Snippets feature.

So I can't say that you have to do this before you can win this feature for sure. But there's a fact that's known to everyone.

It rewards good and user-oriented content with Google featured snippets. To gain featured snippets feature, we can get tips from research by seo tools like Semrush.

Featured Snippets have 3 different types: paragraph, list, and table snippets.

Most Accurate Dimensions for Image Snippets

The most common aspect ratio for featured snippet images is said to be 4:3. The media image size was determined as 600w x 425h in pixels.

It is worth considering the above dimensions to gain image snippet feature.

In order to gain featured snippets feature, it is not enough to have only the content quality. Your site needs to be mobile-compatible, open quickly and provide the right information in the best way.

1. Give the right answer

  • Specify paragraph length as 42 words
  • Use list content
  • Use the right headings

2. Use trusted resources

  • Powerful external connections
  • Strong social participation

3. Deliver comprehensive content

  • At least 2,100 words

4. Give confidence

  • Make sure to use HTTPS

5. Provide the perfect user experience

  • High scores for mobile devices
  • High mobile availability scores
  • A fast-opening site

As a result, you need to pay attention to the above factors in order to gain snippets. It is also very important that your theme has schema support. WordPress users should surely check for schema support on the themes.

Snippets are very useful for your site. It's only a good to remember that. You need to do seo work and take part in page 1 or 2. In any case, your site must have fulfilled the seo requirements.